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So, here we are again, with another music vid (SGA again) to offer. One that ATE MY SOUL. Nomnomnomnommmm. Mmm, apparently quite tasty! Who knew? Well, other than almost every fandom I've been in…ah well.

Vid info, download links and an extensive, rambling vidder's note

Title: What is Eternal?
Song: from Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Beethoven's Last Night
Character: Rodney…oh, OOohhh Rodney
Category: episode-related (Last Man), angst, and does Rodney McKay count as its own category?
Spoilers: Yes, yes and very much YES. All of the show, particularly "The Last Man". Will probably make very little sense if you *haven't* seen season four, so don't watch if you have yet to be shown it, this means YOU, utopiantrunks! *cough* ^_-
Size: ~56 MB
Format: .avi
Notes: Vidder's note on just what addled thoughts were passing through my brain as this vid sucked hours, days, WEEKS from my life, can be found after the download links.



Song lyrics can be found here.

Or just watch it here:

Vidder's Notes:

So, I first got obsessed with Beethoven's Last Night several weeks before "The Last Man" aired, and at the time, I recall thinking, hmm, "What Is Eternal" could make a fun SGA vid. Maybe a Rodney piece, maybe the whole team, whatever. With no clear ideas jumping out at me, I put it on the back burner to stew for a bit. Then they gave us the season finale and it was OMG must do this vid NOW. Rodney, oh Rodney, so, SO perfect.

And thus began several weeks of semi-permanent exhaustion. Because, beyond eating my soul, this vid also devoured most of the hours I should have been doing useful things, like say, oh, SLEEPING. But, totally worth it. 'Cause…well, Rodney!

Still being kinda new to this whole vidding 'thang, I used this opportunity to test some new techniques. Like the image matte keying feature, which opens all kinds of new doors. (Coincidentally, I also discovered my computer reeealllly doesn't like having both Photoshop and Premiere open at the same time :-p) I hope what I was trying to accomplish comes through in the end…and that I didn't clutter up the video too much. :-p

As always, I'd very much like to know what people think (truthfully, with all the hours, and amount of SOUL this has eaten up, it's more like 'incredibly anxious to know" :-p), C & C is tremendously welcome!
Tags: fanning, sga, vid
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