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The state of things...

Oh look, an update. It's only too long. I suck, we all know it, ahem, let's move on. ^_-

Thought I should probably post a "state of things" seeing as those are about to change in a few days and was sitting next to me being a good girl and also updating and I felt inspired?

So, finished my MA, yay! And, though it's not yet official yet, according to my prof., who I may have cornered and desperately casually asked how I had done, said I passed and with a merit! W00t!

Now, after a month or two of job hunting (and a two week excursion into a reeeaaally unpleasant job situation that did NOT end well and in which my boss was rather...ahem...batshit control freak rude, oh and rather classist. Not fun, 'nough said. :-p) without much luck (London is expensive and the job market is nooot kind currently) it's back to the States with me for the next few months.

Leaving to head back Wed. and oh god but I'm gonna miss it here a LOT. Love London sooo much and all the friends I've made! *sniffle* Especially the merlin_london crew, who all ROCK and this past Saturday was AWESOME!

So, back in Massachusetts for the next few months, until May at least after a wedding I'm gonna be in (so excited for that, my darlin' dearest! *huggles*) and then I think it'll be off to some other country, possibly Japan, possibly somewhere else, but definitely abroad.

So, to all my New England peeps, hope to be able to catch up in the next few months!

And now...sorting stuff for packing...ugh...-_- Have I mentioned how much I hate moving?
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