Gnine (gnine) wrote,

A little Dresden fan art...

So, it's been a whirlwind of a month...well, nearly two, really :-p. Back in MA, then to Seattle for three weeks then back to MA for holidays with the whole family (uncles, cousins and grandmother THAT was a verrry crowded Xmas weekend :-p). The holidays were fun, but now everyone's scattered back to the four winds and just today I've finally started work. *shudder* I mean, it's good that I have a job, and more importantly, a stable source of income, and I like the company and all the people there. But this whole 9-5 desk job thing (even if it is probably only for the next 6 months or so) is a bit...well...daunting. I have a LOT of trouble with monotony...:-p

In other news, and the main...ish reason for this post, random Dresden Files art! This was done for my bro, who's verrry prompt response to 'what do you want me to draw you for xmas?' was 'Lara Raith seducing Murphy, 'cause that'd be HOT'!'...Well, couldn't really argue with that, now could I?


C & C as always, very appreciated ^_^
Tags: dresden, fan art, femslash
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