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More fanart...also, yesterday I pet a koala!! \o/

So, in between job hunting (I have some temp work starting next week, so that's something at least!) and my massive Loki feels (see beneath the cut) I also got in some sight-seeing. Went on a day trip excursion out of Sydney to the Blue Mountains. I'll do a full post about it, I swear (mainly cause certain parental units will bug me until I you mom! ^_-) but in short, it was a great trip, beautiful weather, breathtaking vistas, made some new friends (that included an open invitation to Singapore, w00t!) and, as the title says, pet a koala:

There was also hand feeding of wallabies and kangaroos. I may have been a bit in cute overload ^_^

And now, my latest art, the second attempt in my ongoing need to draw Loki receiving ALL THE HUGS! Also known as, my Loki FEELS, let me share them with you!! ^_-


This was semi-inspired by this wonderful, gloriously long fic my sister's currently writing, which is part of the reason Loki's not in his full regalia. Also, that outfit, while all kinds of awesome, not exactly hug-friendly!

There were several times with this pic I had one those "grrr, clearly I can't draw AT ALL why do I even try *headdesk*" moments...and there's still things I'm less than happy with (hands, OH GODS, WHY?! You shall always be my ultimate nemesis! :-p) but overall...Loki gets hugs, so really, what more do I need! ^_-

C & C much appreciated, as always.

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