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HAZAAAAAAAH!!! *boing*

I've finally finally seen Seki Tomokazu (Chichiri in FY, Van in Escaflowne, Shuichi in Gravitation, Ken in WK etc) live!!! *boing boing* He's been my favorite seiyuu basically ever since I got into anime and saw him yesterday and just SQUEE!! Along with Seki there were quite a few other seiyuu quite squee-worthy, including Miki Shinichiro (Elysaary, don't kill me...he was really pretty though), Inoue Kazuhiko (Yuki in Gravi, Kakashi in Naruto, etc who may not have been so good looking but my GOD did he know his voice was THE SEX!) Ishida Akira (Hakkai in Saiyuki, Gaara in Naruto, Xellos in Slayers) Hoshi Souichiro (Goku in Saiyuki, Kazuki in GetBackers) Kouki Miyata (Murata Ken in Kyou Kara Maou, Kantarou in Tactics) and Sakurai Takahiro (Yuri in Kyou Kara, Cloud in Advent Children, Haruka in Tactics and who is also rather quite pretty.)

The event we went to was in Yokohama and it was for this actually rather ghastly show, Haruka naru toki no naka de, but um, we didn't really CARE if the show was good or not, just as long as we got to see all those wonderful seiyuu being adorable! They were doing this sorta play thing...not quite acting, mainly just reading from scripts with a little bit of motion, but it was amazing to see the readings, cause they're so studiously following a script (which in live drama usually would be just ODD) but the amount of acting that they're doing with their voices is the same as ever and it was just really neat to see! Almost like a recording session on stage! Whee!

Also, the Japanese fangirls were SO funny to watch. I've never heard so many people scream so quietly! They were verrry careful not to cheer or squee to the point that they would miss a word of what the seiyuu were saying. But boy were they enthusiastic! And they ALL had glow sticks...which created an interesting effect on the ceiling when the lights were turned low. These three girls near me kept gushing, and at one point when one of her clearly OTPs was being shown, she covered her mouth and started fanning herself like she was about to pass was sooo adorable!

And, though seeing the seiyuu after wards kinda eclipsed it, spent the rest of the weekend at Comic Market (Comiket) in Tokyo, which is, I'm pretty sure, is the largest fan convention in the world! It was PSYCHOTIC! Supposedly around 400,000 people attend...which I'd believe.! Never seen that many people in one place...EVER. Came away with a LOT of doujinshi, along with some other goodies. They had doujinshi for EVERYTHING, anime, manga, novels (both Japanese and western) TV shows, movies...Pirates dj is very popular, as is Harry Potter. Also quite a few tables for Star Trek...and the newer Star Wars movie, old TV shows like The Man from Uncle and Starsky and Hutch, one place selling Nightrunner dj...just everything! Also had very random stuff including dj for things like...trains, cats, etc. Just...crazy! And fun...and verrrry tiring. Not to mention the amazing cosplay!

So, pretty much had an AMAZING weekend, so SOOO fun! Though also now incredibly tired...coming home on the night bus, NOT so fun...ugh! But...but was GREAT!
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