Gnine (gnine) wrote,

This weeks M. C. C. and other random, fandom-related ramblings...

Hmm, so there's a chance I might be watching too much TV.

So, apart from the weekly doses of SGA, SPN (liking it SO much more this season), and the recent, fun-filled, gay, gay, GAY joy that is Merlin, I have now seen the first three eps of Life, thanks to the evil, evil enabler that is naye. (And I do mean EVIL, seeing as SGA is. Totally. Her. Fault! With the mailing of the DVDs and all. You have to understand, I'm a fandom butterfly, flit, flit flit. Four to six months is standard, eight months is doing good. But SGA?! Over a year now, and it still hasn't given my soul back! ) Then there's Traders, just finished watching all five seasons of that (oh DH!!)....And as I write this, utopiantrunks is sitting behind me, pimping out Big Bang Theory. God, I love my friends! Even the evil, enabling ones! ^_- *smishes*.

And, as evidence of the continuing *nom nom nom* that is SGA gnawing on my soul, this week's McShep Chibi Comic:

...and if you're wondering what they're's [insert your favorite, random movie here ^_-].

Also, keep forgetting to mention it, but huge thanks to xparrot, who betas all of these for me, art and scripts both (and often makes me redraw things, if she deems them not cute enough ^_-) Love you, neechan! *glomp*

C & C always so much appreciated. ^_^

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Tags: fan art, mcshep chibi comics, sga
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