Gnine (gnine) wrote,

McShep Chibi Comic, Thanksgiving edition

First off, Happy Thanksgiving! for all those celebrating (those not, I hope you're having a lovely Thursday! ^_-) If you *are* celebrating, and especially if you're going the whole traditional route, i.e. with turkey, know that I am exceedingly jealous! Mmmm...turkeeeeeyyy! *sigh* Very hard to come by in Japan, and even if I could, the lack of an oven makes roasting it a unique challenge. I mean, chicken is good and all, but TURKEY! And gravy and mash potatoes and corn and *trails off into incoherent mumbles muffled by drool*.

Annnnyways, did manage to do a Thanksgiving chibi comic, which I hoped to do in full color, but have simply run out of time, at least if I want to post it on the actual holiday. So, I'm posting the black and white version for now, and hopefully I'll get around to coloring it sometime this weekend. Sadly, I'm...bitter enough with the show that I'm having trouble working up much enthusiasm to draw. I think I need to go on an SGA fic binge this weekend, wash the taint of canon unhappiness/disappointment away. :-p

To conclude, hope everyone has a great Turkey day! *huggles to all*

Yes, I'm aware I'm a month late for Canadian Thanksgiving, but well...John's American...and so am I so um...oops? Also, I'm not actually sure what Tofurkey looks like, so I just drew what I knew...*shrug* Besides, if John and co. were accompanying him, Rodney might have been able to convince Jeannie to give in a little and serve both...

And props go to xparrot for the beta and the "care and feeding of Mckays".

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Tags: fan art, mcshep chibi comics, sga
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