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The Backwards Ninja

1 July 1983
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I'm now more than half way to my goal of living on every continent, with four years in Japan, a year in London, and now New Zealand and Australia on working holiday (grew up in the States). In between all my travels, I continue to be a full time fangirl. Recently I've been dabbling a bit in marvel, Avengers and before that X-men first class. There's also several manga series I never really leave: G-defend, One Piece, etc. Homestuck comes and goes as well. Past fandoms that I've mostly broken up with but will always remain special include: RGB, Babylon 5 (my love for you will NEVER DIE!) Smallville (which *had* laid claim to my soul more than any other series in a LONG time...until the next one came along) which brings us to Doctor Who! (Oh Doctor! *whimper*) and then that leads into Stargate: Atlantis (which I had been avoiding for several years for just this reason because HOMG say good-bye to my SOUL!) and following that, NCIS (thanks, again, to Naye...SGA is totally her fault too. You just don't want me to have any soul left, do yah, hon? ^_-) and then I proceeded to kick it old Skool, with The Man from Uncle. (Mmm, pretty blond Russians are pretty. Ridiculously so!) and Avatar:The Last Airbender (and now Korra as well, w00t to more in that universe!!) Many more that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

I started fanning with Star Wars and Star Trek around the same time I started walking and talking, and have never stopped. It's in my genes, apparently, if my fangirl mom is any indication, which is a good thing, gives me an excuse, seeing as I have no intention of stopping any time soon. ^_-

I do have a life outside of fanning, and on occasion I even find it worth mentioning...once in a while (usually when I'm traveling, which I try to do as often as time and money will allow!).

If you wish to check out more of my art (seeing as that's my main form of fanning), I have some posted here: http://gnine.deviantart.com

Or you can check out my LJ scrapbook, most of it's there as well.

As for friending, go right ahead, the more the merrier, I always say! ^_^